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Unlike traditional wraiths, the variants will flail around when set on fire affording Geralt temporary respite while they are out of action. Wraiths are usually encountered at night, near cemeteries, catacombs and other such burial places, or else near the places that were important to them in life: abandoned homes, crumbling castles or forgotten bridges. Wraiths suffer endless, indescribable pain. Filled with anger and a sense of having been wronged, they both envy the living and brim with overwhelming hatred for them.

Apex Legends - Wraith Guide - The Interdimensional Skirmisher! (Tips and Advice)

Like other specters, they are immaterial, meaning they are not harmed by fire , poison or weapons designed to provoke bleeding. Relatively fast melee fighters, wraiths can do serious damage if they get in close, and they can easily do so with their ability to teleport short distances.

If they do teleport while they are somewhat close to Geralt, dodge in any direction away from the wraith. They like to teleport right next to their target and immediately start swinging, inflicting heavy damage in an instant if they catch you.

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A wraith attacks victims with sword in one hand, and a lantern in the other and they can use both instruments in a spinning attack consisting of three separate strikes that are hard to get out of. Fighting a group of wraiths makes it especially dangerous as Geralt can get seriously injured in an instant if caught within a flurry of wraiths slashing him simultaneously.

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Like other wraiths, these specters can turn incorporeal at any given time, rendering attacks from silver swords much less effective. One can, however, force them to re-assume a physical presence by trapping them with Yrden or by hitting them with a Moon Dust bomb.

The Red Wraith (The Red Wraith Book 1) by Nick Wisseman | Waterstones

Take caution however that Moondust bombs only disable their ability to turn incorporeal, not their teleportation. Investing in Specter Oil is also a good strategy, as wraiths are rather difficult to hit and the oil helps make each successful strike count that much more. In The Witcher Adventure Game also occure wraiths.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Art lovers edition - a copy of the finished book, a 6x9 black and white sketch by Michael Lee Harris, and an original page of art from the series US only. Apr 8, - May 8, 30 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. The Black Wraith Volume 1. The newest, suavest, pulp hero in town battles his greatest foes, and looks good while he does it! Jamie Gambell.

The Complete Void Wraith Saga: Books 1 - 6 in the Epic Military Science Fiction Series

Last updated January 2, Share this project. Los Angeles, CA Comics. The Black Wraith, pin-up by Agustin Calcagno. Black Wraith in action - art by Michael Lee Harris.

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