The Mitten - Kids Picture Book (Folk Tales)

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In what ways and how well does the book as a whole serve its intended audience? This is a cute little story with text that builds as the story goes on. We see more and more text on each page as the book progresses and the story builds. The illustrations correspond very nicely with the text on each page, and the boarding illustrations on each page extend the story for the readers and listeners. This is a book that can be viewed and read again and again.

Nov 08, Sara Andrews rated it it was amazing Shelves: traditional-literature. Nicki wanted his Grandmother to make him mittens white as snow. Baba is worried that Nicki will lose his mittens in the snow. However, Baba finally gives in and knits him a pair or mittens. A mole finds the mitten and tunnels his way in making himself cozy and warm.

Then a rabbit comes along and next a hedgehog. All trying to keep themselves cozy and warm.

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The bear lets out an enormous sneeze. The force shoots the mitten up into the sky right in front of Nicki. The book ends with only a picture of Baba looking very confused at the stretched out mitten. This book would provide a great opportunity to teach children about predictions. Jan Brett did an excellent job illustrating this skill. In the pictures of the left mitten, on each page, it shows what Nicki is doing.

In the pictures, of the right mitten, it reveals what is about to happen next. Another idea for using this book as a teaching tool would be sequencing or retelling the story. Kindergarteners would be able to use the illustrations and mitten clues to retell this wonderful Folktale.

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Jan 30, Samantha Hagler rated it really liked it Shelves: sequence-of-events. Great book with great illustrations!

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This story is based on a Ukranian folk tale, and begins with a young boy named Nicky who asks his grandmother, Baba, to knit him a pair of snow-white mittens so that he could go out and play. Baba insists that he will easily lose them, but Nicky trots off to play in the snow anyways. Along the way, Nicky loses one of his mittens in which several animals come along to snuggle inside and get warm.

A mole is the first animal to spot the mitten, and then comes a Great book with great illustrations! A mole is the first animal to spot the mitten, and then comes a hedgehog, owl, badger, fox, bear, and a mouse all squeeze into this mitten.

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When the bear sneezes, the animals go flying and so does the mitten. Nicky spots the mitten and grabs it just in time to show his Baba that he has not lost them as she said he would. This book can be used to teach sequence of events, as well as identifying characters, identifying the setting, and describing what happens in the beginning, the middle, and the end. This story can also be integrated into other areas such as social studies and math.

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For a social studies lesson the students can learn more about each animal such as where they live, what they like to eat, and what exactly they look like. For a math activity for first grade students, they can solve the following math problem: "There are 8 animals inside the mitten. How many total legs are there?

Apr 09, Stephanie added it Shelves: picture-books. The Mitten is a Ukrainian folktale about a boy, Nikki, who wants snow-white mittens.

His grandmother is weary about making him snow-white mittens because they can easily get lost in the snow, but she makes him a pair anyway. While Nikki plays outside he loses one of his mittens in the snow. All of a sudden the animals burst out of the mitten and the mitten shoots into the sky. Nikki sees his mitten floating in the blue sky and quickly runs over to get it. He returns home and his grandmother checks for his mittens.

For example, for each new animal that craws into the mitten there is an illustration of the new animal and an illustration that shows all animals in the mitten at that time. Additionally, this humorous story has a unique twist at the end, which is another characteristic of picture books. Furthermore, this book is a good text to use when teaching kindergartners through second graders how to make predictions.


This book is also a good text to use when teaching winter themes. Jan 30, Yael rated it it was amazing Shelves: picture-books-graphic-novel-week. I walk to my school every day.

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  • Often times when I am walking I think about my lessons and class. The other day while I walked to school I was talking on the phone. When I was turned the corner to walk into my school building, I realized that because of my free hand needed to talk on the phone, I had dropped my mitten. Immediately, I started to laugh and turned around in search of my fallen mitten it was about am so there had not been much foot traffic on the sidewalk so I knew I'd find it I walk to my school every day.

    Immediately, I started to laugh and turned around in search of my fallen mitten it was about am so there had not been much foot traffic on the sidewalk so I knew I'd find it. I imagined how many animals had crawled into my mitten to make it their home.

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    • I was remembering the amazing illustrations with the borders that show flashbacks, the side story, and predictions for future pages. I was remembering the grandmother at the end who was surprised at how big one mitten had stretched upon the boys arrival home. The whole time I was walking I imagined how fun it would be to walk into a first grade classroom that morning and reenact my adventure! After re-reading the book The Mitten by Jan Brett, I once again realized how amazing her books are in the classroom. I suggest everyone do an author study of Jan Brett and her special books!

      Oct 30, Caroline Downer rated it really liked it Shelves: traditional-book. I remember reading The Mitten as a young girl and I loved this book. The story line is very simple, but very fitting for young children. It is repetitive, which makes it a great read aloud as well as a good book to read alone. The illustrations make this story come alive, especially as we can see each animal make their way into the mitten while it grows in size.

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      The pictures span the entire page with such great detail! This book involves animals as well, which is a popular theme among children. The boy, Nicki, is young and his relationship with his grandmother, Baba, ties family into this story, which makes it even more emotionally appealing. This book also incorporates a little bit of humor because the mitten finally pops all of the animals out when the smallest mouse enters the mitten, making the bear sneeze.

      It is also funny because Baba thinks that Nicki had kept track of the little white mitten the entire time, but really it had been lost. When the bear sneezed, the mitten appeared in the air and Nicki got it back in time for Baba to see! I think, overall, this is a great book to read as a child, because it is just a fun and entertaining book!

      Shelves: childrens , picture-book-club , , ukraine. We've read Jim Aylesworth 's version of this story The Mitten and so when this book was picked as a December read for the Children's Books group Picture-book club, we were excited to read another version of this story. We enjoyed both of the books very much and as always, we really love Jan Brett's illustrations.

      The details and little hints of what's to come in the border pictures are a feast for the eyes. We read the 20th Anniversary edition, which includes an author's note at the beginning.