The Blood of a Dying Banker

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The door opened onto a double-height atrium. The floor was a mosaic of imported Roman tile, recreating a design found in the ruins of Pompeii. The atrium ran the width of the building and the huge windows gave onto the Park on one side and midtown on the other. Sitting to the right of the windows facing the park, behind a long, low counter, were three receptionists, two white women and a black man.

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They were all young, attractive and wearing headsets to field the hundreds of calls and visitors pouring into the building each day. Wright introduced himself to one of the women who smiled beautifully at him. He sat down in one of the Chesterfield sofas facing the park.

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A television set tuned to CNBC was buried at an angle into a side table beside him. He turned up the volume and listened. This should allow cash-strapped consumers and companies to borrow more easily, but it will take time for this effect to be felt.