The Blood Feud : Devil Anse Hatfield & The Real McCoys

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The Hatfield-McCoy feud of the s and some time thereafter is one of the noted stories of folklore in America. Today the causes of that family and friends war between the Hatfields and the McCoys will be consideredthe events which led up to the tragedy. There were many causes, an accumulation of things, which finally touched off the feud, or private war, which it actual The Hatfield-McCoy feud of the s and some time thereafter is one of the noted stories of folklore in America.

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There were many causes, an accumulation of things, which finally touched off the feud, or private war, which it actually was, between two determined families. First cause I think can be attributed to the very natures of those concerned.

Hatfield–McCoy feud

Both families were people of nerve because blood of British origin pulsed in their veins. That blood bespoke stubborn resistance and unflinching determination, an unwavering set. Came the Civil War of and neighbor lined up against neighbor.

History's Mysteries - Family Feud: The Hatfields And The McCoys (History Channel Documentary)

When the war ended in , the internecine feelings of these two neighboring familiesonly the narrow Tug River separated themdid not make for friendly relations. This rumor was never proven. In fact, some stated that Jim Vance, later to die in the feud as a friend of the Hatfields, was the one who murdered Harmon McCoy.

Whoever killed Harmon McCoy is unknown for sure even to this day, but one thing is sure, his death created ill feeling between the McCoys and the Hatfields, from the McCoy corner, of course. A third cause of the feud was a family quarrel, which wound up in the court of a justice of the peace. That was eight years after the Civil War had ended. In those days in the rugged regions of the Tug, the people let their hogs run loose and fatten on the mast of nut-bearing trees, chestnut, acorn, hazel, and other trees. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about The Blood Feud , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. This article is simply an editorial to inspire conversations about the feud. His height is included on more than 1 document. He was a constable and also spent time as a Justice of the Peace in Logan WV during the time which some cite as feud years. He also moved from Logan County in in the height of what some call the feud years. The man who so many blame all their historical events on will have the last laugh.

All of this is proven and will come out, and there will be many who will have to take all those stories or try to reconfigure those stories to fit once again. Might I suggest all who wish to make a balanced study of the facts read his book and other books such as the ones written by authors Coleman Hatfield and Altina Waller before forming a premature opinion.

Oh, and though Thomas is a 3rd cousin of mine, I receive no proceeds from his book. He was after all born there and knew many of the families personally that had fathers, uncles and grandparents that were involved. My interest in lifting the vale on the fables and knowing the truth is personal My great grandfather John Wallace Hatfield and his family were neighbors to Randal McCoy.

They considered themselves to be on good terms with Randal and his family and up to the terrible events of Election Day lived peacefully nearby. This he wished so to keep peace between their families. So, as you can see, I am closely related and thus seek sincerely to know all the facts. This is a part of American history and folklore. All of it may not be known, but still must be kept as part of our history. I love the history and both familys deserves to love there heritage and let them live in peace.. I want to thank both familys for there time to all of us for there history ….

I think both familys lost to much…..

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  4. From just watching the movie and with that in mind I would say the two main causes of the this horrific tragedy lies with Randall McCoy. Yes desertion is a crime but Randall should have contacted the Confederate Commander at the time he saw Devil Anse Hatfield leave the site. In my opinion several people heated this feud to the extreme 1.

    By Tony Hays

    Percy Cline 3. Randall McCoy 4. Nancy McCoy. Thanks for reading and I wish peace to both families.

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    Thank you for your comments Ann. I would suggest you read some books on the subject as well, as many historians challenge the portrayals of some of the characters in the miniseries, especially Perry Cline and Jim Vance. I always heard that Devil Anse regretted not letting Johnse marry Roseanna. Wonder if this is true…. I am the great, great grandson of Randall McCoy. When I was a young boy my grandfather came to live with us from Pikeville, Ky. He use to tell us many true facts about the feud.

    One was that Johnse Hatfield was nothing more than a womanizer and a still operator and had no great romance for Roseanna. He chased every woman he could and was a man of low morals and character. My dads Aunt Trudy wrote a very researched book about it. A lot of tales were made to enhance the times.

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    The states of Kentucky and W. Virginia could not agree on things before the mini-series was made and they shot the movie in Romania. Pikeville thrives today with the folk-lore because of this. They said that is the only way that they could film all of the wide panoramic shots. They wanted to film it here in America but had to have a remote area that had open mountains, hill tops, and a place where they could build the make shift towns. I for one would have loved it they could have filmed this in the areas where the Hatfields and McCoys actually lived.

    It s such an American movie that fascinates us all. Hi there. The Mccoys are my ancestors. My mom Nancy McCoy is her great more than once grandmother. I found out when I was I thought the Hatfields were my ancestors. Then my mom told me the Mccoys were my ancestors. I have seen the mini series on the History channel. I have read things that were either false or true.

    ISBN 13: 9781466952041

    Lots of people know about the Hatfields and Mccoys. There were times I would bring it up. I was shocked to hear the word NO. Years and years later the feud is still and remains popular.