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An author is a person who writes to earn cash, with all sorts of job-related issues of publishing, royalties and other such yada. Being a poet is not about cash, as much as about experiencing life. This distinction is very important. This is the ultimate in de-humanization, I am not a person. I am only a worker: all I do and will do suddenly gets forced by that one statement. Many very basic examples exist of this defining of our nature to a job.

‘The Movement Stops’

Look at the many generations of last names carrying a tradition in labeling people to their work. Smith, Carpenter, Koch cook , Mason. Of course, this is logical, as on average a person spends more time at work than even with family. Work is a very important aspect of human society and always has been.

Nothing new here except the refinement of the high art of modern business economics.

Staying Sane in a Crazy World

This should be truly two separate questions: 1 What trade do you perform, and 2 Who are you. Western culture merges the questions. We are not a job! Work is performed as a method to survive in society. Now here is the change in understanding: A wise man once taught me sometimes you just need to change the question you are answering. In this case, the question should be shifted to:. While no classification is perfect or will cover all possibilities. These five categories are an excellent starting point to help understand the relationship between ourselves and the reason for working.

In exploring these with friends, an interesting fact became clear: when people work for reasons that matched their nature, they tended to be content. When people work for reasons against their nature, they tended to be discontent. These individuals, to be happy, will work just enough to cover what they consider basic needs and then live appropriately for their survival. If you live to ski, then work in such a way so you can ski.

How to Stay Sane During a Big Career Change

However, consumption has limits, so a balance needs to exist lest we turn the planet and ourselves to ash, but life is as we live it. Without the passion for helping others, this job burns out most people in the first few months. All this might seem basic. Usually, people are chasing dollars or expectations of rewards. Or more tragically and universally true: they need to take any job possible as they are starving, supporting a family and have no outside support.

Yet know, understanding why we work is more important than the job choice itself. Once we understand our nature, in why we work, then it becomes much easier to find work, a job, which fits your lifestyle and needs. Of course when people are taught to think the job is more important than the reason for work, then people will cling to or be attracted to jobs which will continually cause discontentment, as they will be working cross purposes to their own needs.

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The point simmers down to: people are not a job. We have lives and work is an important aspect of life. Attempting to separate our identities and work can be very complicated since the two can become very entangled in a day to day life. To help find answers, it becomes necessary to change the question slightly first to understand why you work.

Once understanding why you work, it becomes possible to balance work and lifestyle in a more acceptable nature. To work as a Taoist means to live fully as a person. To work means working to your nature, to support your nature. Part of the problem is we think a job is a path to walk down in life.

Work is not a path. The actual path is living life. Work is merely an activity within life. Are we a job or are we living humans? We are always the latter; work is always an activity to support our lives. This is one key to finding a balance between work and life.

Just let the two different questions simmer after writing down initial answers. Opportunities typically present themselves, provided a person opens their awareness to the larger world while beginning the process of understanding their nature. I just got an email from a friend whose company started layoffs and will continue layoffs due to the credit bubble coming apart. Back long ago when I was paid to make paper airplanes and play checkers strange story — for another time , I used to work at Boeing. Also you tend to get better incentives to go at the start of any problem.

The company used fear on its workers, telling us to be happy since we had a job and then treated workers without respect. So I did some calculations and determined it was best to leave in the first wave and not the other waves.


This is often true unless of course, you love your job, then you should stay. So when I stopped liking the job, and it stopped being fun, I left immediately since bullshit is bullshit and is not worth pay in the least. It would be only a reflection of you if you were doing a poor job. If this was the case. This means you are probably not in the right job to fit who you are. This leads me to the second lesson:. Being laid off from work can be good for some individuals.

If you were not happy in the job or were doing poorly, getting laid off can be the event or burst of energy required to help a person redefine their life.

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Not towards work, but towards what you want to be! I know many people who are doing what they love now in their new work, because of the energy given to them from being laid off. The lesson being: be open to possibilities. Support A Personal Tao, and we will support you with additional writings and teachings. Becoming a Patron enables us to write more and give back more to you! Patrons get access to exclusive audios, chats and live stream events with Julie and Casey.

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I quit my job 9 months ago. I am 40 years old. I am still unemployed and scared to apply for jobs. I feel like there is nothing for me out there. I feel so burnout and lost. Even a part-time job can be a good step for confidence and movement forward. It just feel so burnt out as well running the same rat race. At 57 my company went belly up and laid everybody off!!! I got rid of everything and moved to Jamaica where my wife and I spent five years helping people and really making a difference. We just went.

Been back to JA many times, planning on another month-long trip. No money in it, but the rewards are huge…so are the dangers since we were working in the slums. Best wishes to you Rico!

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Great work in thinking outside the box and finding a new path for yourself. Been unemployed 6 months, but looking for a new job almost a year. Soccer dad is not my thingy. Yes, Even part-time work or volunteering can open up options and keep you sane as you transition to a better situation. Learn how to maintain a healthy microbiome.

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