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You can also expand your knowledge of ASL by practicing your signs with people who are deaf or hard of hearing and also know ASL. Generally, people who know ASL are patient about showing new signers how to sign different things, the correct way to sign something, and usually, they will slow down their signing so that you can understand them, too.

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They are also willing to repeat words or statements if you do not understand them the first or even the second time. ASL is a visual language. With signing, the brain processes linguistic information through the eyes, and facial expressions and body movements play an important part in conveying information. It is possible to sign without using facial expressions or body movements, but doing so may give a mixed message, be confusing, or be misunderstood. It will also look odd or unnatural to native signers.

Sign language is not a universal language — each country has its own sign language, and regions have dialects, much like the many languages spoken all over the world. When you discover there is no sign for a word, you should not invent or make up a new sign. To do so may violate the grammatical rules of ASL, or may be unintentionally offensive.

Speed is not crucial in sign language. Expert Village has a collection of 15 videos to help you learn common phrases. Among other things, colors, everyday words, animals, and beverages are some of the topics of discussion. Each video is just a couple minutes in length. There are around 40 units spread across three classes, with lots of videos for easy learning and printable workbooks for answering questions. Units are set up in such a way that you start off easy with the basics and then move toward the harder signs, such as conversation practice and storytelling.

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This website has a large dictionary of signs, a set of conversational phrases, and a number of religious signs. They each have a video to explain how the sign is to be performed.

The First 100 Signs You Need to Know!

After you've manually gone through the lessons, you can take lots of quizzes and play a handful of games. SignSchool is a free online sign language class that steps you through the basics starting with how to spell your name and then moves you through lessons that progress in difficulty. However, you can select any difficulty you want if you're already knowledgeable; pick between Beginner , Intermediate , and Advanced. Besides the lessons, there's also a fingerspelling game and the sign of the day.

Apps are available for mobile devices that let you learn sign language anywhere, a benefit if you don't use a computer often or if you like to squeeze in some ASL courses on the go. Learn sign language on the go with the free ASL App that makes it easy to understand new signs and practice ones you already know.

Sign With Your Baby: Teach Yourself Paperback

You get to set the pace and you can jump in and out of learning sign language whenever you want. The ASL App will help you learn the alphabet, numbers, universal gestures, colors, and tons of other basic signs.

There are also handshape exercises to get your hands used to the physical act of signing. This sign language app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Flip through this game to see how to sign every letter of the alphabet using pictures. You can start from A and move through to Z, or you can get random letters to mix it up a little. Marlee Signs is video-based and shows you how to sign any word letter-by-letter.

Teaching Baby Sign Language: A Guide for New Parents

Plus, there's a library of conversation starters, numbers, letters, and other common words. Getting your own dictionary and flash card set can also be a big help.

The Braille Bookstore sells both. You should also try to get a Braille writer.

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Through the library you can order audio books for your child we were surprised at how much our son enjoyed audio books from a very early age—even at 9 months! Start with some print-Braille books. You can read them to your baby, he can feel the Braille, and you can practice your Braille skills, too. Speaking of books… Get more books! This site offers lots of Braille resources, from online dictionaries to self-led courses. They also cover specialized code like chemistry and music Braille.

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