Scouting & Freemasonry: two parallel organisations?

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That initial work will be funded by the Prestonian Lectureship. How can you contribute? Buy a Prestonian book, either in person or from the website, www. Contribute to a Lodge collection or raffle at a delivery of the Prestonian Lecture.

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Charities supported by the Prestonian Lecture. In his Prestonian Lecture, Tony will outline the many similarities between Scouting and Freemasonry — as well as some key differences. Tony will additionally describe some of the work that Freemasons are doing to support Scouting today and explain how Freemasonry can learn from an organisation that is growing in membership. To find out more about the Prestonian Lecture, or to arrange for an unofficial delivery, please visit www.

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Approval was also received for the proposed Foundation Members' jewel. Apart from the masonic content and traditional scouting green, a yellow diagonal arrow across the jewel was designed to perpetuate the Arrowe Park Jamboree discussions relating to the naming of the lodge. It is noted that this arrow is also part of the design of the Baden-Powell New Zealand lodge.

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The first lodge recorded as a scout lodge therefore was Baden-Powell Lodge No. The Australian brethren were single minded in doing what they said and wasted absolutely no time and the lodge was consecrated on 29th September, , just one year later. The names of scouting lodges are interesting in their direct relationship to scouting. Some of these names are: Although it has often been argued that Lord Baden-Powell was a mason, there is no evidence of this and Dame Olive Baden-Powell denied it categorically.

The confusion may have arisen because his younger brother, Major P.

Scouting & Freemasonry: Two Parallel Organisations?

Baden-Powell, was indeed a member of the Craft and Bro. There have, however, been other masons who were also heavily involved in scouting and some of these were: Archbishop Lord Fisher; Bro. Scout lodges differ little from regular lodges except the name and the background of the members.