Raising Troubled Kids: Practical Help for Parents of Children or Teens with Mental Illness

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On the other hand, our adopted son, who is now 18, was diagnosed ADHD when he was young, but I started seeing signs of things that seemed much more severe. I went for years of getting frustrated in IEP meetings with teachers and in talking to doctors about the fact that I felt like he might be Bipolar, but nobody would listen.

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A JV officer said that he either was going to be put in jail or in a medically watched over resident type situation, which we frankly had been trying to get him in for 3 years. Finally during this time he was diagnosed as PTSD and bipolar and was on medication. After a year there, he came home this January on a trial basis till this May, to see how he would do things were pretty much OK until he turned It has been heartbreaking….

I also would comment to the moms and dads to make sure that they are seeking help if THEY need it. I wholeheartedly agree about structure and diet exedra. Many times just talking it out with other family, or individuals that are dealing with the same scenario can help lighten some of the emotional load. Hugs to all and keep hope. I too thought some of the drinking and smoking pot was your typical college stuff and due to him not having many friends or a girlfriend in high school never really has to set boundaries.

I am lucky that he noticed on his own that things were not right with him. He had panic attacks, was very angry, hard time at work and dealt with anxiety and depression. He had to come out of school cause he had no motivation to go to class or anything for that matter. He will be going into a treatment facility in 4 days and actually excited about it. I did my research on the facilities to ensure that what their main concentration was is mental health specifically bi polar. I greatly appreciate the article and the comments. But how did you or your loved ones finally recognize their condition and decide to deal with it?

We are parents to a bipolar son who just turned 28, and is in complete and utter denial of his diagnosis. His illness killed his marriage, multiple very good jobs, and really any sense of who our son is. We are very close, but he lives in another state with a co-dependent enabling roommate. Any suggestions? We are hoping to reach him during his depressive period. Please any suggestions are welcome.

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My son was diagnosised as having bipolar disorder a year and a half ago. He was 29 years old at the time, married to his high school sweetheart, 2 small children under the age of three and his wife became pregnant again. She became very sick and bedridden for the first 4 months. She was the primary bread winner. My son was working 2 jobs to try and make ends meet and had the responsibility of the kids.

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I helped during the day but had no idea a manic episode was brewing. Since this experience I have learned that people have their own personality and thenthe disease so it looks different on different people. Needless to say their life fell apart, we found he was self medicating with Marijuana which made it worse he became deliuousonal and weckless with spending. Scariest thing I have every experienced- seeing your son falling apart and not even knowing it. He went to class everyday for 6 weeks and learned about his disease with others.

They tested him for drugs and started him on a medication regime. He almost lost his family but they managed to put their lives back together. Now my third grand child from them is turning one next week. I worry constantly about him and I become anxious when I see him struggling.

Looking back he had it in college and has been suffering a long time. I have a lot of guilt not helping him sooner or understanding him better sooner. Our son is bipolar 1. At the time we thought it was just problems with partying behavior,now we realize it was when the illness was really presenting itself He was hospitalized with dual diagnosis but it was very difficult to find someplace for him to go on limited funds. He has a good psychiatrist but not sure if she is pushing the therapy because he refuses to see a counselor.

The two sets of parents will most likely have to help raise him as they are not capable of doing it on their own. I am in counseling myself in order to help me deal with the realities of this life we now have. We love him dearly and want him to feel good about himself,but it is an uphill struggle so far. Hello, Well where to begin.

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My son has just turn 17 and is spiraling out of control more each day. Then Summer of his father passed on. Two years ago a family physician diagnosed him border line bipolar. Now he refuses to take any med. I am consumed with this beyond belief. I have this last year of school to get help before he turns 18 and who knows the path ahead. As someone that has struggled with mental illness since 2nd grade I can relate to your article. My mind just changed around that time and things got hard.

My parents tried to help and the psychiatrist put me in the psychiatric hospital for 4 weeks when I was in 3rd grade to toughen me up. Well that just terrified me and made me keep my craziness to myself. At 16 the depression hit me so hard I was on medications but they made me suicidal. Things really changed for me at 18 and I started becoming angry and very irritable. I also started having excess energy, racing thought, and always had to be on the go.

This is when I started using cannabis and alcohol to get some kind of control. Needless to say that ended my college career. I tried to tell my parents what was going on but they never listened and I even showed up mid day drunk just trying to show them something was wrong but my dad laughed it off. So off to rehab where I was abruptly taken off my meds caused 6 seizures and received treatment that had nothing to do with my illness.

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Well the story goes on but my point is listen to your kids or they will end up like me. Broken, alone,depressed, struggling day to day, unemployed, and still living at home at My life could have been great but my bad manic decisions, plus bad advice and decisions from the people that I depended on have made it pretty sad. Jack, I am a mother of three boys. One who is doing good, one who self Medicates who I know has problems but always seen it as just a troubled kid who now is an alcoholic at age 30, and one who is really struggling with depression and anxiety; now self medicating to help him cope and sleep.

Please tell me what and how I can help them. It is so hard and I love them so much. My son is 30 years old and was diagnosed with bipolar and ADHD since he was a teen. He suffers severely and self meditates.

There's a reason kids are more anxious and depressed than ever.

He hears been in several Salvation Army programs across the United States but either gets kicked out or leaves. Please help me help him. My spouse stumbled upon this well-written article while researching online. It is just so on point. The signs were always there, but we simply attributed it to typical raging teen hormones.

She herself is seemingly happy, healthy, talented and easy going, and we have a good baseline of her rational thinking. Diagnosis and treatment is certainly a difficult road, as is her ability to recognize and make the decision for herself that she needs the help. Each day we awake as parents and tell ourselves to keep the faith, strive for better days ahead, and support her with our unconditional love and never ending patience.

Thank you for sharing your families experiences; they resonate wit me. My beautiful daughter has bi-polar and after 6 years i still cry every day about the total change in her life. I do feel guilty because I did not know the signs, may have even encouraged her eccentric behaviour because she was such fun to be with.

My husband is beginning to be a support to her but gets angry with me for feeling such guilt as he can just cut off from his feelings 0 or so it seems. Thank you for all the comments. I have to say that this is wearing me down. I stay consistent with the rewards and consequences, He is on two kinds of medications vyvanse, depakoe.

He tells me that if he could just smoke weed everything would be okay, I have to remind thin that it may only help with this anxiety and stress, but would not help with the depression. He more recently decided to cut himself which he was very remorseful about. However, there is a waiting list in our state of Massachusetts and in our area for a child therapist are you kidding me.