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The times are wicked and We are in this present darkness. Pray and seek His face. Tell your friends and family about Jesus, because the enemy is at work and the time is running out. Hey friends and neighbors. It is a condensed version only 3 hours long versus the 17 hour long unabridged. It captures the emotions and the story very well. Last week I was talking to my boss, and long time friend. I immediately when to amazon and grabbed both the abridged and the unabridged audible. If you are looking to hear the entire book done as an overview the abridged series is a great start.

It moves quickly, but is fully dramatized and read by Frank Peretti himself. All in all, he loved the book and told me, "This would make an awesome movie. I have upload a bunch of old concepts from when they were originally going to make a movie. The grotesque demon was up for either Rafar or the Strongman. What's your take? Also there is a comic book out. I just remembered seeing it when I was surfing the net. Until next time. Sorry its been a while. Spread the word of this book book. Get your friends and family to read it. Show them how awesome this book is.

Let people see what a wonderfully inspiring story this is. When they have read it and love it tell them how amazing it would be as a movie. That where we can start. Today we start the march to see one of the greatest Novel's of all Christian literature go onto the big screen. Personal confession time: this book nearly made me cry twice.

Books don't make me cry. If they make me cry, it is because they've seriously entwined themselves within my heartstrings. So there.

This Present Darkness

I complained about this in the first book, and I'll complain about it here. There is a particular scientific thing at work here that just does not make sense to my brain. Of course, I know just enough about biology and chemistry to get myself into intellectual trouble at times, and this consternation may simply result from the fact that I do know enough about science to get myself into trouble. Still, the issue remains Yep, I'm grasping at things to complain about, but seriously - I'm not a huge fan of cliffhangers.

I can't wait for the next one!! See my blog onlygodwritestrees dot blogspot dot come for more!

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Jul 28, Jessica Mason rated it it was amazing. Love this series and can't get enough of it Can't wait to start on the third book. Interesting keeps you reading till the end characters are fiction with a touch of reality enjoyed the read Will read the next one now. I read the first book and was looking forward to the second one, which was very difficult to put down. I am very much looking forward to reading the final installment of the series. Great read This book in the series leaves you wanting more!

Action packed and full of surprises! Can't wait to read the final book! I like the suspense as the book makes me want to keep reading more and not put the book down until I've finished it.

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The problem is the books keep ending with a sequel and I've yet to solve the mystery. May 04, Donald Urquhart rated it liked it. A bit far-fetched but entertaining enough to read all three of these books. Cindy Jobbe rated it it was amazing Sep 17, Angela Mullins rated it it was amazing Aug 15, Scott rated it it was amazing Sep 29, BkloverValerie rated it really liked it Aug 23, Rajeev Tuteja rated it it was amazing Nov 22, Mandy rated it it was amazing Jan 14, Neepa Shah-Chittur rated it really liked it Feb 11, Alicia Carcamo rated it it was amazing Apr 29, Denise rated it it was amazing Jun 25, Ben rated it it was amazing Jul 29, Cristy Link rated it liked it Sep 30, Frances Lomonaco rated it it was amazing Dec 13, Gretchen rated it liked it Apr 23, Melissa Byrd rated it it was amazing Feb 23, Sandra Weber rated it really liked it Jun 20, Shirley Boettcher rated it liked it Aug 24, Sylvia rated it really liked it Mar 29, Ken Bryant rated it liked it Sep 16, Penny rated it really liked it Sep 11, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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About D. Sometimes life emulates fiction. Life is filled with tragedy and Ms. Errol Stone lives in a barrel of ale most of the time, he's an orphan and the one who was raising him was killed. It's a hard luck story that lifts you up at the end. He discovers he has hidden talents and true friends that help him overcome life. He has to fight through with work and is discovers a great adventure to live. Most of the stories I like are about people that overcome the odds and learn how to live uprightly. This is another '1st book' and I'm looking forward to the next. I read books that are "clean" from bad language and lustful sex.

There's plenty of those, no challenge to find them, so I seek out those that are not. Small town crime is the plot of the novel. The novel kept my interest to the end because I wanted to know if and how she solved the cases. It was interesting to follow the thoughts of police work and the background that goes into solving cases. The characters were enjoyable, particularly the Thane brothers. I enjoyed these men of integrity, their caring hearts, and the family they belong to. Evie is tenacious in her thoughts and work.

I enjoyed some visiting characters from other Dee Henderson novels that I had read previously. I wouldn't say there is a lot of action suspense, but rather character development more along the lines of regular fiction. There were some touch topics that affected the characters deeply. I would recommend it if you like character driven stories. I HATE this book. As other reviewers have already stated, it's incredible how Mary Connealy managed to highlight all of these characters flaws while completely ignoring any good points they might have. The character development is limited to stubbornness on the part of both the hero and heroine.

He thinks she's stubborn, she thinks he's stubborn. She thinks he's stupid, he thinks she's stupid. Well, guess what, they're both right!

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I don't mind flawed characters in Christian fiction. What I mind are those supposed spunky heroines who don't have a lick of good sense and run off into danger at the drop of a hat paying no never-mind whatsoever to their sweetheart's words of advice. That's what I hate and that's what describes uppity Miss Julia Gilliland. The thing is, I believe the author intended us to like Julia.

Because she's really a sweet person deep down and cares about others and puts them first. No, she's a bossy brat whose first thought over anything else is geology and fossils, even over her family, the man she supposedly loves, and his family. Even over her own safety! There's a word for her that I'm too polite to mention, but I'm sure you know what it is.

And don't get me started on the supposed hero of this mixed-up historic romance, the dashing and moronic Rafe Kincaid. I disliked him already when he started bossing around a woman he had no right to boss around. He's often thinking about how desperate he is to marry her, and my main question is "Why?! And when he started throwing out thoughts on "wives obey your husbands" and how much fun it was going to be to teach that to Julia, well, my patience with him just snapped. There's a flip-side to that verse, buster, the one that says "husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church.

I don't have enough fingers to count how many times he kissed her to shut her up because he didn't like what she was saying! How the heck is that the action of a romantic hero?

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  4. She may not be in the right, but neither is he. They'll be one heck of a married couple once the smoulder cools down and they can't stand each other. I know what you're going to say.

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    To each his own, and obviously some people like this book because it's gotten some positive reviews. However, putting aside my annoyance with the lead characters, Mary Connealy's prose is just bad. I've heard she's an excellent author so I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt that this book is merely a weak link in her genius.