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When read only occasionally, these prayers are too overwhelming in design and power and tend to turn us back to more palatable fare.

How to Memorize Whole Chapters of the Bible with Ease

Therefore, wherever we no longer pray the Psalms in our churches, we must take up the Psalter that much more in our daily morning and evening prayers, reading and praying together at least several Psalms every day so that we succeed in reading through this book a number of times each year, getting into it deeper and deeper.

We also ought not to select Psalms at our own discretion, thinking that we know better what we ought to pray than does God himself.

Reflections on Memorizing Psalms at Providence: A Mid-Year Encouragement

To do that is to dishonor the prayerbook of the Bible. The church father St.

Jerome says that one heard the Psalms being sung in the fields and gardens in his time. The Psalter impregnated the life of early Christianity. Yet more important than all of this is the fact that Jesus died on the cross with the words of the Psalter on his lips.

Whenever the Psalter is abandoned, an incomparable treasure vanishes from the Christian church.

How to Learn and Memorize the Psalms of the Bible...

With its recovery will come unsuspected power. Luther and Calvin both noted that in the book of Psalms we have a kind of summary of the whole Old Testament.

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At the same time, they also recognized the Psalter as a book which is full of Jesus Christ. In places, the Psalms look ahead and prophesy about Jesus and His saving work see Luke ; ; Acts ff.

Why Men Should Memorize the Psalms Together | Crossway Articles

David Solomon, Asaph, etc. We—that is, first of all the entire community in which alone the vast richness of the Psalter can be prayed, but also finally every individual insofar as he participates in Christ and his community and prays their prayer.

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The Psalms are a treasure then because they open our eyes to the whole Old Testament, to the dear face of Jesus Christ, our Savior, and to the company of our fellow believers. The Psalms give us words of faith and prayer for all the varied experiences we face in our sin-broken world. The church father Athanasius 4th century describes this mirror-function of the Psalms:.