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Together, they've experimented with running, strength training, Pilates , and barre classes — and their competitive spirit was always present. When our dad is in town we like to have a good time! Here is to 28! In just one year, they have seen a drastic decrease to their waistlines and a major boost in confidence.

Kevin lost 89 pounds and Lindsey lost 53 pounds.

Lindsey Lost 65 Pounds Doing CrossFit, Counting Macros, and Giving Up Social Drinking

Even Kevin's girlfriend and Lindsey's husband lost 36 pounds and 40 pounds, respectively. To stay motivated, Lindsey and Kevin have found little ways to remind themselves how far they've come. For Lindsey, it was a pair of old shorts that no longer fit. For Kevin, it was a belt that he'd purchased shortly before he started losing weight.

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As he continues to shed pounds, Kevin punches holes through the belt — proof that his hard work is paying off. Happy Birthday to my Sister!! Through it all, Kevin and Lindsey learned an important lesson: You always need someone to lean on. In addition to their workouts, the siblings hold "meetings" to brainstorm different recipes and workouts to help them meet their weight loss goals.

The Hamilton siblings are noted for their athleticism: junior Micah is a promising pitcher, and senior Lindsey an Olympic hopeful track star. Lately, though, Lindsey has been touchy, overwrought, and disinclined to confide as usual in her brother. When her body is found in the woods, suspicion falls first on Micah, who was apparently the last person to see her alive. Micah, however, cannot remember much of anything past seeing Lindsey quarrel with her track coach, and while the police try to be patient as Micah struggles to recover his memory, his father, a psychiatrist, pushes him hard to confront the tragedy.

As details leak into the open, it seems possible that Dr.

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Hamilton himself could have acted in passion, having gone into debt for his daughter's training. Or was it a jealous Micah?

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  • Perhaps the father of Lindsey's unborn child? How about her suffocating boyfriend? I would rate the book a 5 because I really liked the suspense and how she described things in such depth. I never wanted to put the book down. I think it helped you understand the meaning of why she chose that as the title. Using the title in the story helps you understand the book more and the impact that it made on the reader. View 1 comment. May 23, Katie rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery-thriller. Lindsey Lost is a fascinating mystery that holds the reader's attention all the way through.

    There are plenty of surprising twists that are unpredictable. He clearly loves his older sister, Lindsey, and when she dies he is torn apart by her death. He is barely able to hold together sometimes after her death.

    Lindsey's Diet

    He can't remember what happened when she died, even though he has been told that he was there. He sometimes wonders if he could ha Lindsey Lost is a fascinating mystery that holds the reader's attention all the way through. He sometimes wonders if he could have been the killer, yet he can't picture himself killing Lindsey. Micah is a good baseball player, but he may also have been doing some things to keep his grades up that would keep him out of his top college pick. Micah also has a girlfriend, Vivian, and spending time with her after his sister's death really helps him.

    She is a good girlfriend to him, and she never believes that Micah could have killed his sister. The mystery aspect of this story is extremely well done. Micah has all the answers to this mystery, but they are locked up inside his head. His mind has blocked the trauma of witnessing Lindsey's death. There are several suspects throughout the story, and it is interesting to see what their possible motives could be.

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    • Something is revealed about Lindsey later in the story that gives some new possibilities for motives. If you like YA mystery, read this book. Feb 12, Sally Kruger added it. Lindsey is a star runner with Olympic potential.

      Her brother Micah is a star baseball player. Their world revolves around their sports. Lindsey spends countless hours on the track even in the off-season, and Micah hits the batting cages to keep in shape. Together, they support and encourage each other. When Lindsey suddenly disappears, Micah can't believe she is gone.

      According to his father, he was found unconscious in the driveway on the afternoon she went missing. The last thing Micah remember Lindsey is a star runner with Olympic potential. The last thing Micah remembers was talking with Lindsey at the track after school.

      Forgotten City from RiME - Lindsey Stirling

      He knows she was upset but the rest is all a blur. When he tries to think about it, there are only glimpses of her running through the orchard. The days that follow are filled with endlessly questions from the police, and then the unthinkable, Lindsey found dead in the orchard. First Micah is a suspect, then his father, and even Lindsey's coach Kelly. If only Micah could remember what he saw, he would know if he was a killer or a witness.

      It is filled with twists and turns right to the end. I was happy to read on the cover blurb that she is at work writing her next thriller.

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      Mar 13, Samantha Boyette rated it really liked it Shelves: Wow wow wow. Such a good book. This isn't my usual type of book, but I was in the mood for a bit of a mystery and this one caught my eye. So glad that I picked it up. From start to finish this was a great read. When Lindsey is found dead, no one has any clue what happened to her. Her brother Micah was the last one to see her alive and even he thinks he might have killed her.

      Day by day this family falls apart a little at a time. As much as this is a mystery, it's also about a family grieving and Wow wow wow.

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      As much as this is a mystery, it's also about a family grieving and that is handled beautifully. While there seems to be one obvious suspect for the killing, there are plenty of other people who you start to think might actually have done it.