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Large publishing houses reigned supreme and acted as gatekeepers. It was almost impossible to get an agent, and the distribution network for books was expensive. Today, all that has changed with the arrival of self-publishing, which offers low-cost tools to start your own publishing empire. More than any other influence, Amazon and the Kindle have transformed how we buy and read books.

How to Format Your Book for Kindle Using Microsoft Word in 6 Easy Steps

For budding self-publishers, the Kindle and the publishing platform it links to, is a relatively straightforward method to get your words into the hands of readers. With millions of Kindle reader devices and perhaps hundreds of millions of Kindle app users on smartphones and tablets, you can be sure that using the Kindle format for your eBooks will ensure they can be read by the widest possible audience.

The eBook format it uses is proprietary to Amazon. What this means in practice is that if you use KDP, your readership must have a Kindle or the Kindle reading app. Other eBook formats are also available such as ePub, which is the universal standard, and of course you could publish your work using the PDF format, which has been around for decades or even just use plain Microsoft Word documents. But we are going to focus on how you publish your eBook with KDP. Before looking at the tools you can use with KDP, it's a good idea to take a minute and consider the different eBook formats that are in use, and how they relate to KDP.

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All you need to worry about is that you can produce your eBook in MOBI, as this is the preferred format all Amazon Kindle devices and smartphone apps can read and display. In addition, ePub has become the universal eBook standard that every other eBook publisher uses. If all you have is an aging copy of Microsoft's Word, or even just a plain text editor, you will be able to input this into KDP and create an eBook that Amazon can put onto its catalogue.

Easily deliver your printed book and eBook to readers on Amazon and beyond with BookBaby.

One of the key reasons the Scrivener writing tool has become so popular is because it can directly output your eBook in Amazon's MOBI format. Amazon has made the whole process of publishing with KDP as easy as possible. The key is to spend your time preparing your manuscript so it can be digested by KDP and published with all the formatting you want.

There are a number of word processors to choose from, with Microsoft's Word being the leader.

eBook Manuscript Formatting Guide

Our in-house eBook formatters have been helping authors make sure each eBook is personally reviewed and formatted for publishing. Why ebooks are worth it:. Unlike print books you can add multiple images and videos. It's easy to internationally distribute them to reach a global audience. It's quick and easy to make changes after the eBook is released.. There are no printing costs and there's no need for a physical inventory. You'll never run out of stock. Just purchase and download! Readers can customize the font size and style per your comfort. Some of our popular clients include.

Your Ebook Services Include:. Front matter such as title and copyright page. Maintaining your formatting including italics, bold, underline, and strike through , A linked table of contents. Footnotes are converted to end notes AND internally linked. External hyperlinks to websites.

Basic eBook Formatting. The price applies to manuscripts up to 50, words. Consultation via phone with the Publishing Manager.

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  4. Usually this option is suitable for fiction and non-fiction books with a minimum number of tables or images. We'll send you 2 different design samples. Once you select the sample, We'll send you the first draft of the eBook within 7 business days.

    How to Self-Publish a Book on Amazon

    Paperbacks Free tools and resources. Try our manuscript and cover templates. Attend a webinar to learn best practices and tips. Preview your paperback.

    Order proof copies before making your book available to customers. Professional services See our Help page for a list of professional editors, designers, translators, and conversion services. Did this page answer your question?

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    Yes No The survey is hosted by Qualtrics, so you'll visit their site to fill it out. Popular topics. Preview and troubleshoot your paperback. Create an eBook table of contents.

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