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Saggi Vol. A victim is found murdered and mutilated beyond recognition. Caton is not only able to identify the victim, but he is also unable to identify the killer as well. However, the reader is full aware who the killer is, one Albert Stephen since from time to time the book switches from what Albert Stephen is doing to what detective Tom Caton is doing.

As expected, this would have been a breakthrough in the case. However, Tom and Kate are unable to find any MO. The strangest thing about this case is that the killer is fully aware of the CCTV and does not try to hide or destroy them.

The Cleansing

With that said, The Cleansing is a well-written book. All the characters in this book are not only well developed but also likable as well. Irrespective of the fact that so many characters have been introduced in this novel, the author Bill Rogers did not lose track of any of them. In this book, we are introduced to Cole Cohen, a year-old girl, who has been struggling with learning disabilities throughout her entire life. No one was able to point out what was causing her learning disabilities.

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Cole could not differentiate between left and right. She was also exceedingly horrible in mathematics and also telling time as well. Whenever an object was coming towards her, Cole Cohen could not tell exactly how fast the object was coming. As Cohen was planning to move away from her state, she decided that it was a higher time to do a series of tests for the last time, to see whether the doctors would be able to tell exactly what was wrong with her.

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After an MRI had been performed, the main reason for her disorder was established. However, Cole is informed that there was no cure for her ailment.

From this point on, the narrative chronicled how Cole coped up with her difficulties. With that said, this superbly written book is not only amazing but also uplifting as well. The funny thing is that the 12 bodies are not connected, and the police are not able to find any motive. Later on, a lorry that is full of Chinese immigrants arrive, and more than twenty hours later, the bodies are found lose to a motorway. Upon close inspection, it is discovered that a young man and woman are missing and are risk as well. Deep below the ground the six survivors struggle to stay alive until help Welcome to the End of the World!

Welcome to Hilltown, last stop before the endless Sea. Here, a thousand years after the starship Carpathia crashed, descendants of the castaways have built themselves a trim little village that would be comfortable-if Two people with a common ancestry, separated by an ocean.

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Each of them in a city named Manchester. Neither aware that the other exists, until a sequence of The fourth in the acclaimed Tom Caton series of Crime Novels. It's the last thing Rob Thornton, up and coming barrister with a reputation for prosecuting rapists and wife beaters, expects. An early morning knock on the door bringing a warrant for his Was it a mugging gone wrong or will the killer strike again?

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Why has MI5 ransacked his apartment, and set out to disrupt the investigation? And w Kelli is now a widow. Her husband was murdered by a malicious growth, the menace of the county. After she adjusts to the shock of Nick's death, vengeance consumes her.