A Different Perspective

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His attitude worsened every day and he was not interested in improving. However, he always continued to attend the club, at that time he was only enrolled in the Communications Club.

Different Perspective

He claims that participating in this club helped him move forward, gave him a sense of belonging, and showed him that he mattered. During this process, there was one person who marked a before and after: Renato, a Glasswing volunteer. With his help, Emmanuel slowly began to overcome his situation.

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In addition to improving his grades, Emmanuel has positively improved his behavior. He is currently competing for a scholarship to help him achieve his goals of graduating from high school and pursuing higher education.

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He acknowledges that good behavior is essential to reaching these goals. Emmanuel hopes to study at P. Walter A.

Soundy for high school, another Glasswing Community Schools and, in the future, dreams of becoming pilot. These benefits help students do better in school, enabling them to thrive in some very difficult circumstances.

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    A Different Perspective

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